Be a Little Sentimental

“Have you ever seen an ocean so blue?” Trey asked dreamily.

“Well-” Sally was about to come back with a sarcastic comment but was smoothly interupted by Lisa.

“Don’t bother, Sally. Let him be philisophical if he wants! We’ve found the Old City! Be a little sentimental.” She threw herself down next to Trey and stared out at the ocean with him.

“Ugh. So what? We found a bunch of ruins. Big whoopdeefreakindoo! With the new bunch of ‘village elders,’” she even supplied air quotes which brought a peal of laughter from Trey, “They’ll probably call it blasphemous and all sorts of crap. I’ll bet we could learn a lot from here, too.” Sally sighed with longing. Her one passion was learning new things. Any new things.

“Like?” Trey prompted. Even he could find time to take his head out of the clouds to provoke Sally.

“Like where the Dragons went!” Sally almost screamed infrustration. They just didn’t get it!

Suddenly, Lisa fell down into a deep hole that appeared out of the ground.

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