So Many Questions

I love him. Or at least I think I do. Maybe I don’t? Maybe I do? How do I tell? How can I know for sure? But how could I possibly love him? I hardly know him. I hardly get to see him. Yet the feeling’s there.

I worry all the time about him. Does that make up for the never getting to see him? He’s always on my mind. Does that count for anything? The only thing I want to do is be with him. To talk to him, to hold his hand, to feel his lips against mine.

The terrible pain of separation. He’s right there, so close, but I just can’t reach. I can’t close the gap between us. What can I do? I can’t build a bridge out of thin air.

Scattered and confused are the best words to describe my thoughts right now. He’s the only consistency.

What’s he doing? Is he thinking about me? Do I matter as much to him as he does to me? Does he really understand how he brightens my dim exsistence? Does he know he’s the reason I make it through my days? Can he see what I truly feel? So many questions, so few answers.

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