Starting Over in Silence

It was funny, looking back. At the moment, Tia leaving had been just the next thing that happened. It wasn’t a huge inciting incident. It wasn’t a drastic tragedy. It just was. It was the next thing.Real silence.She hadn’t expected it to be so loud.
The final wave goodbye. The engine’s rumble faded away.Turning she surveyed the random debris from six energetic girls, women really, leaving the small house they’d come to love together. This step was supposed to be the one that mattered. Choosing a career. Finding a spouse. Continuing your education.
In general, the people who had come and gone on frantic friday evenings, slow mondays, wednesdays…each person had given her something. And here she was. Holding the things they’d given her. Clutching the air desperately, her empty fists struck out at imagined demons and fleeting shadows.

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