The Bait and Switch [Secret Agent Challenge]

“A fine meal, my dear,” Agent 2-4-6 swallowed his last mouthful of pasta, “excellent as always,”
“I’m glad you liked it, my love,” answered his wife, “How was your day at the bank!”
Subject has entered your house; he’s taking the bait. Are the plans in place?
“YES!” 2-4-6 answered.
“Yes?” his wife wondered.
“Yes, my day was as any other. Long meetings about money.”
He is in your study. We’re en route.
“Honey,” 2-4-6 said, “I just remembered, I was to call Harold to give him the latest European Q3 numbers; won’t you excuse me for a moment or two,”
His wife, ever the darling, “Of course, Jim, I will pour us some wine,”
“That would be lovely!”
The study was pitch black. 2-4-6 spoke into his lapel, “Going Infrared,”
Careful, 2-4-6, he’s armed
A touch of his glasses, revealed a heat bloom behind his desk. His footfalls were silent on his approach, and with a skilled hand, the perp was unconscious.
“Subject is ready for questioning,”
We’ll take him
“Jim? Are you coming?” came his wife.
“Of course, my dear,”

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