Residing Dreams (Chapter 41)

So one night at dinnertime,my father and I got into a big fight.I hadn’t eaten a bite of my supper,and I merely picked at my food with my fork.My father was pale, a perplexed expression on his face.”Essie, you haven’t touched your dinner.Why haven’t you been eating lately?You need to put food into your body.What is the matter with you?I know that something’s on your mind.Something’s bothering you.What is going on?Tell me.”I gulped. I felt a wave of panic wipe over me, not to mention dread and angst.My throat tightened and I could feel my eyes welling up with tears.”N -nothing is bothering me. Why do you think that there’s something going on?” I muttered,my voice shaky. “You always have to assume that, don’t you?That there’s something wrong with ME? Why not look at the rest of the world before you judge your own daughter, dammit!” I shreiked,kicking the table.The tears that I had been holding back now trickled down my face like raindrops trickling down a window. I wept uncontrollably, not to mention in vain.

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