What Villans SHOULD do (Secret Agent Challenge)

Agent 11-14 struggled to wriggle out of the grasp of Dr. McEvil’s big dumb brute. Dr. McEvil walked up to 11-14 smiling. After all, it was his catch of the year. “So Agent 11-14, I have a special surprise for you. I don’t think you’ll see this one coming.”

“Never!” shouted 11-14. “Even if you strap me to a table with a laser beam crawling toward my head. Even if you hang me over a pit of laser sharks, I’ll escape and I’ll prevail.”

Dr. McEvil laughed at this remark. “Laser sharks? I have a better idea.” He pulled out his gun and shot agent 11-14 in the chest. “Well.” Remarked Dr. McEvil. “That was easy.”

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