Residing Dreams (Chapter 44)

I was still sobbing relentlessly.Nothing made sense anymore.Come to think of it,life had stopped making sense a long time ago.”Essie,”Mr. Miracle,or should I say,my false father tried again.His voice consisted of desparation,coldness,misery,concern,and anguish all at the same time.It was another weird combonation.When I looked at him, the one thing I saw was a broken man.All of his spirit had left him until he was nothing but a dark haired figure standing before me. “If anything, you’re the one who needs to get your head out of the clouds and come back down to earth! You need a serious attitude adjustment, young lady!What the hell—” He smashed a plate onto the floor. I cut him off. “Shut up!” I yelled at him, as a small equally broken little girl. “You don’t understand, and you never will.The real question is, what happened to you?You were once a man called my father, but now you’re this creepy terrible stranger that I don’t even recongnise! What’s the matter with you?” I said hoarsly,yet persistantly.

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