Life as Stepmothers Make It


As the screech rebounded throughout all the rooms in the large house, Charlotte wiped her brow, and threw the dirty rag into the bucket of soapy water.

“COMING!” she answered, before racing down to the sunning room where her step-mother, without a doubt, was laying.

As the servants fanned her step-mother, Charlotte stood next to her, awaiting a command.

“Could you go get Louise for me? Thanks, Charlotte. You’re a dear,” she finished flatly, before turning back to her drink.

Charlotte’s face turned red with fury, and she lightly curtsied before rushing out of the room to go get her sister.

She always did this! She gave her some useless command, so that Charlotte never got her chores finished, and then her step-mother could beat down on her! She grimaced as the bruises on her back stretched and shrank from her quick gait.

Charlotte held back the tears of fury as she stepped into her sister’s large bedroom.

She couldn’t let Louise see her pain.

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