Culture Shock [Secret Agent Challenge]

“Looks like Phi’s getting a new partner.”
“Another one? He’s gone through, what, five this month?”
“Phi gets the wicked dangerous jobs & the newbie partners.”
“Shh; speak of the devil, here’s Phi now.” The chit-chatting Tau & Nu stood at attention as Top Agent Phi came in.
“Top o’ the mornin’,” Nu said cheerfully. Phi nodded in response.
“Heard you’re getting a new partner,” Tau added. Phi nodded again.
The words were no sooner out of his mouth when the door slid open once more. As it did their mouths slid open.
A figure dressed all in black approached them soundlessly, a living shadow. It bowed, straigtened, & asked, “Which of you is Agent Phi?”
“I am,” Phi responded, stepping forward cautiously.
The figure nodded & removed the hood, revealing the newcomer’s face.
Tau’s, Nu’s, even hardened Phi’s mouth’s slid farther open.
Phi wouldn never say it aloud it, but he had to admit: she was drop-dead gorgeous.
“What?” the woman retorted when she noticed their staring. “Ever see a chick ninja before?”

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