Violet eyes

“Great. Just fantastic. The first day of school,” Collin thought as he rolled out of bed.

Collin had always lived in such an apathetic stupor that he really didn’t care about much. That is,until he met Violet.

The day proceeded as most days do. He rode on the bus silently, scowling at the green plastic-covered seat ahead. He opened his locker without much trouble – he’d learned every trick necessary through experience.

Then, something very unexpected happened. Collin was walking down the hall, looking at his feet. Bang! He conked into someone. His scowl melted into a gawk. He saw before him a girl with the most abnormal eyes he’d ever seen. They were huge, round, and colored violet.

Much to his surprise, she smiled at him! Did he actually feel himself smile back?

Even as she walked away, Collin saw her gorgeous violet eyes. He felt suddenly awake, like he’d never felt before. He liked the feeling. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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