Gnomes at Homecoming? (Homecoming Challenge [Completely random :) ])

Laura walked into the gym, decorated in the school colors; red, white, and blue. “Aren’t we patriotic,” she whispered to her date as they stood in line to get their photos taken. “Well it could have been worse. We could be red, purple, and orange,” Jake replied. “Red, purple, and orange?” she stared at him in disbelief, “what kind of pyschos would use those colors in a combination? Especially for a school?”

“The same kind that are color blind and could care less,” he answered. Laura laughed. I love how easily he makes me laugh, she thought to herself as a loud crash could be heard from some where in the back of the gym.

Just then a small army of garden gnomes charged in through the gym doors, armed with everything from sticks and stones to unicorn horns and wombats. The students and teachers were stunned. “We will now take all of your shoes,” exclaimed the gnome that seemed to be incharge, “cooperate and no one gets hurt.”

Everyone stood, staring at the little army. That is until…

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