Business Deals

“Hello?” She asked,as if she probably didn’t already know who it was from the caller ID.
“Hey Cynthia.” I replied.I couldn’t believe I was doing this.
“Is there a problem?” She asked.
“No, but do you plan on going to college?”
“No duh I’m going to college.” She stated, sarcastic as usual.
“It’s expensive you know.” I reminded her.
She sighed, as if I was an impatient four year old. “I know. Everyone in America knows.”
“Well, there’s a way you can get money. I have a friend who owns a business and I think you’d do well there. You interested?” I replied. Not including what type of business it was.
“Uhm, sure? I mean, so long as I’m not dealing drugs or something stupid like that.”
“There’s no drugs.” I promised. “Ok, so how about tomorrow we meet at that restaurant near Wal-Mart and I can introduce you to my friend.”
She hesitated. “Um sure, what time?”
“Is 7 ok?”
“Uhh, that works. Um, thanks?”
“No problem kid.” I said as I closed my phone. I really hated myself for this, but I didn’t have Phillipe’s money…

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