Gnomes at Homecoming 2

One of the gnomes went up to Mr. Winbald (the already traumatized, slightly paranoid english teacher) and flipped him upside down while another gnome took his shoes. Soon everyone was pulling their shoes off and throwing them into a giant pile infront of the gnome army.

“Good humans,” the gnome commander said, “you will all be spared this night.” With that the gnomes gathered all the shoes (where exactly they put them, no one could say for sure. Its not like they had sacks for the shoes or anything) and left the gym.

Everyone just stood in silence, staring blankly at the spot where the little creatures had just been standing. All that could be heard was the sound of people’s mouths drying as they stood there, jaws on the floor.
“Hey sweetheart. How was the dance?” Laura’s mom asked as she walked through the door. “It was… interesting…” “Interesting? What do you- where are your shoes?!” her mom asked, worry all over her face. “Mom. You wouldn’t believe the night I just had…”

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