Accursed Persuasion

I’d seen pictures of him before, but he looked different without all the pomp and circumstance.
His keen eyes, dark hair, and slender face gave him a naturally trenchant aura. A tall lean figure lent itself to a regal bearing.
Which suited him perfectly, given his position.
I nodded to myself.
“So, it’s clear you’ve heard of me,” Henry began. “And as it so happens, I’ve heard about you.” Traces of a smile shadowed the corners of his lips.
“Really? I wasn’t aware,” I retorted quietly.
His eyebrows arched in amusement. “So she can speak. But yes, I have about you, Lily. You, the niece of a very prominent officer, are rumored to be one of the most trusted of the resistance. In fact, so trusted you reside with your leader Patrick Lansing.”
“You got that much,” I confessed. He nodded, satisfied.
“However, there are several points which are still unclear. I was hoping you could fill in the blanks for me.” He was eyeing my necklace with a knowing eye. “It doesn’t have to hurt. Not like last time.”

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