Only One Way

“Well ladies, if my math is correct, I believe that you both are tied in the number of events you’ve each won!” he bellowed. “With the tension in a tie like this, there’s only one way to duke this out.”
Lin & I glanced at each other with the same general thought writ in our eyes: There is?
“Yes, only one way.” Cricket himself could barely stand the excitement.
“Well? What is it?” I blurted.
He rubbed his hands enthusiastically, and lowered his voice to a dramatic stage whisper: “Roshambo.”
The Rizzo family gasped and “oohed” in satisfaction.
“Come again?”
“Roshambo,” Tony began, equally as dramatic as Cricket, “is the other name of the game rock-paper-scissors.”
My eyes and jaw nearly dropped to the ground. Was Cricket out of his mind?! From the look on his face, apparently not.
Lin was more vocal than I was in this revelation. “Alright, Mr. Smarty. You’ve chosen all these weirdo parlor tricks, alright! But I get to choose the location this time!”

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