A Game of Chance

“Well, that wasn’t stipulated at the time…”
“Stipulation, schmipulation! I choose the location, or Xiaoli automatically forfeits! Your choice!”
If he said no, I’d have little to no chance of rescuing Master. Or Cricket. Or myself, for that matter.
He sighed. “Alright, great Spoon Ninja,” Cricket said in defeat. “You can choose the location.”
Her face lit up mischeviously. “Good, follow me. Come on, you two.”

The bloodred sun was setting. We finally stopped in a clearing; I could hear jet engines somewhere down the valley.
“Okay, you’re both familiar with roshambo. We’ll cut to the chase: one round. Are you ready?”
Hell yes, we were ready.
“One…” Lin shot daggers from her eyes. “Two…” I flung them straight back. “Three!”
She had scissors. I had rock.
I couldn’t believe it. Master still had a chance!
“Congratulations Xiaoli,” Lin drawled. This was not her usual losing behavior. She snapped her fingers.
My view was darkened instantly by burlap. A strong odor dimmed my senses.
I was out.

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