“Him?” I whispered in shock.
Me?!” Cricket wondered, equally surprised.
“Yes, you,” the master answered, tilting his head slightly to one side. “Arthur Livingston called Cricket. At a high rank in the New York Police Department.”
“Pretty much anything you can read off a cereal box.” Cricket’s face hardened after the shock wore off.
“Ah, but what might not be on the cereal box is that you know some things I want to know.”
“Isn’t that the way it is with any high ranker?”
“Oh, getting snippy, are we?”
“Wassa madda? Tought you liked sharp objects.” Cricket’s gritty accent was starting to show.
“I do, when I’m behind them. Speaking of behind, I should explain.
“Upon finding that one who knew of the information I desired was within reach, I sent Lin to somehow get you here. She knew you would follow Tan Xiaoli anywhere, as she would her master. When one link pulls, the rest of the chain must follow.”

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