Dinner Conversations

We ended up going to this random itialian restaurant. It wasn’t exactly in my budget, but then again, I’m 16, Burger King is just barely in my budget.
Phillipe was a…um, interesting guy. He was tallish with dark hair. I think his eyes were brown, but they looked almost black. He didn’t talk much, he just kept looking me over, like I was some oversized bug under a microscope.
“Well, she’s everything you said she was,” Phillipe said finally to Mr. Sacket.
Mr. Sacket shot him a nervous look, “You know, this might’ve not been the best idea.”
“You got my 2 grand then?” Phillipe demanded.
“You know I don’t man,” Mr. Sacket said, totally defeated.
“Then it’s a great idea, now shut up before you completely freak her out ok? It’s not even that bad, she needs the green, and so do you, so deal with it iight?” Phillipe said, in a little mini-rant.
Mr. Sacket just nodded, and I swallowed hard. I had butterflies, but I wasn’t sure why.
Phillipe looked at me again, “So, kid, ever considered modeling?”

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