2 Man Show

The door slammed and the room went totally silent as the man was left standing alone in the room. At room were very basic, as a piano and white couches were the only items in the room. The room was almost empty just like this mans heart. He looked down at the floor and tears went down his face as gravity pulled them off his face. The men tighten his hands and his body started to shake. Memories of him and his girl went through his mind like a slideshow. He remembered all the good times he had with his girl and all the bad times too. But nothing was as bad as this time. The moment he was in was the worst. He looked over at the piano and cursed at it. Asking why it took over his life. Why a giant wooden object could possibly ruin a relationship.

“Either me baby, or that damn piano of yours that you touch with your fingers more then you touch me with. So you pick what life you wantâ€?

He had to pick one but the question was which life was more important to him. His music or his personal life?

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