Think About It

Haha, modeling? Well that’s one way to put it I guess.
Cynthia frowned-a few wrinkles popping up in her forehead.
“Modeling? No. I’m too short. Most models are what? Like 5’7”? ” She said.
Phillipe started to laugh a little, but I kicked him in the shin and he sobered up pretty quick. “Not that kind of modeling. I own a business that’s sort of a branch of modeling”
“Can we be a little more specific please?” She stated, a little of that familiar attitude coming back.
“Haha, how against porn are you?” Phillipe asked, a little bluntly in my opinion.
She blinked a few times before going into a rant full of words I’d feel bad about saying, and I’m not a good person by anyone’s standards.
She stopped after a few minutes and Phillipe leaned back in his chair, “So is that a yes or a no?”
She bit her lips together, as if she was trying to hold another rant inside her mouth. Finally she let out her breath.
She closed her eyes and muttered, “I’ll think about it. Have a nice night.” Then she stood and made her exit.

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