Residing Dreams (Chapter 52)

I raised my hand.”Can our poster also reflect how each of us are unique creations of God and that we all have our own special gifts to share with the world?”I asked.The teacher smiled.”Why,yes,of course.That was one thing that I forgot to mention.Thank you,Essie,”Mrs. Hemmingway replied.”Now,while participation in this contest is optional,I strongly reccomend that you choose to take part in the poster contest.After all,you will get extra credit points if you participate.” “Will you get as a prize if you win?”one girl asked.”The prize is a gift certificate to the Pleasantville Plaza Mall,a lovely plaque,a large copy of your poster displayed in the school,and a photo and article about you in the newspaper.”the teacher responded.I reckoned the contest was a pretty big deal,what with all of the prizes and publicity.Then, a thought crossed my mind.I could actually have a chance at winning this. Maybe if so, my father would be so estatic that it wouldn’t matter that…Never mind. Some things just couldn’t change.

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