Residing Dreams (Chapter 56)

“Okay,honey, you’re probably wondering what is going on.It’s really quite simple.You see, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately,and I know you haven’t been feeling you’re best.” he patted me on the shoulder,as if that could truly make me stop shaking. “Well,I know how you have been talking about expanding your horizens,and you’ve lived in Pleasantville long enough to know that you need to see more of the world.After all, you’re growing into an inquisitive,intelligent young woman,and you and I both agreed that you would like to have more life experiences,” he extended his hand out in front of him as if he gesturing the horizens that I wanted to go beyond.Come to think of it,I had gotton pretty bored with my life,which probably contributed to the fact that I had been feeling so depressed lately.But what did that have to do with everything else? “I don’t understand,Dad.I really don’t. Is there something I don’t know?” I asked. “My apologies, darling. This will all make sense if I start from the beginning.”

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