Residing Dreams (Chapter 57)

“When I was in college, as I was studying to earn my Master’s degree, I took a trip to London. I had always wanted to visit that spectacular city, so I decided to take a course in Religious Education, as well as to attend a teacher convention while I was there. So I met a man named Arthur Chrysanthemum. We started to talk about educational influences, as well as Religion and spirituality,and even politics. He was quite an intriguing,well educated man, and we soon became good friends. We exchanged addresses,and we have often penned letters to each other and remained in correspondence,” my father explained. “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?!” I exclaimed. “You could’ve at least mentioned to me a word about your dear friend to me,” I said,not caring that I sounded a bit snotty. I had every right in the world to lose my temper and have another nervous breakdown,even though it was extremely impolite to lose one’s temper in front of a guest. But forget that. Nothing mattered. Not even the contest.

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