The First Ficlet Challenge

At long last, after months and months, I have finally reached 100 ficlets! Yay! I can now die happy.

Ok so that was an exageration but you get the idea.

What I will do now is post my first challenge! I’m so excited! Now to come up with something… * thinks *

A-ha! Got it. The challenge will be to * drum roll *... pick a ficleteer and go back to their first ficlet and sequel it. Doesn’t matter if it already has a sequel, just come up with another one. I’m not sure if something like this has been done before but I think it’ll boost cooperation and remind us all of where we started.

Put the link of the ficlet your doing the sequel to in your ficlet to make it all easier to go find. Judging will, most likely, take place on October 15. Remember it must be the persons first ficlet. Have fun everyone!


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