Supressed Urges

Well, look. A cute little baby bunny. How quaint. He gently picks it up. It is rather cute. And defenseless. And so the struggle begins.
To most, well all, he seemed a normal guy. Lived alone in a one bedroom apartment. Went to work everyday. Never caused trouble. He had friends. He went out. He’d even had girlfriends every once in awhile. Seemingly unspectacular.
But no one knew him. Really knew him. And he hoped no one ever would. You see, he had another side to himself that he didn’t wish to share. In fact, he hadn’t completely shared it with himself, yet. But he knew it was there. You see, he sometimes had interesting thoughts. So far he had been successful at pushing these thoughts back down into the inner recesses of his mind. But he wasn’t sure how long that would last. All he did know was that one of those thoughts was happening right now.
You see, he was surpressing the urge to close his fist around this tiny life and squeeze until blood poured through his fingers.

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