Residing Dreams (Chapter 58)

“There, there, honey,” my father soothed.

“I know this all seems a bit overwhelming. It is that way for the both of us.

There was a long period of time when Mr. Chrysanthemum and I were out of correspondence.
He was grieving because his wife died, and he was trying to get away from it all.
He traveled a lot, and he’s been all around the globe.

He also is a main sponsor for The Leaps and Bounds Intertwinement Day Camp and Club for Girls, or the TLBIDCCG .”

I nodded, in a trance.
“In London,” my father said, nervously.

I gulped.
“Dad, what are you saying?” I demanded.

“I believe it would be easier for the young lady if you get to the root of the matter,”
Mr. Brown suggested, rather impatient.

I now realized that he had a stuffy, old English accent.

“Well, cutting to the chase,”

my father began,

“I recently resumed my correspondence with my dear friend Mr. Chrysanthemum.
We’ve talked,
and he is inviting you to stay at his country home in London.”

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