Residing Dreams (Chapter 59)

I swear, I would’ve fallen out of my chair, if there hadn’t been armrests on each side.

“So, I thought this would be a great oppurtunity for you to expand your horizens,”

my father explained.

“And besides, you would just be staying for the summer.
And, maybe, if you would like later on, times during the school year that you are off.”

But as he noticed my shaken expression, he added quickly,

“But that’s a long bridge away that we’ll cross much later.”

“You should know that Mr. Chrysanthemum is a very busy man,”

Mr. Brown said in his drafty tone.

“That is why he sent me, his butler, to discuss with your father of some concepts and preferences.
For your own good, of course,”

he finished.
“Alright,” I murmured.

“I was telling him how you are a writer, possessing a love for poetry, and how you love to do arts and crafts, as well as sewing.

Not to mention you are very keen on knowledge acquisition, for you are a top student who soars academically,” Dad went on.

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