Accursed Vigil

Where was she?

I had been waiting for her for almost two days now at the meeting point. My food supply was running low, but I didn’t leave my post for fear of her arrival.

Patrick had called me and said that the necklace was deactivated.

They shouldn’t have been able to find her! Not like last time…

My eyes kept their steady routine going, first scanning one side of the street, then the other.

But Lily never appeared.

I stretched my cramped legs across the rough edges of the roofing tiles, being careful to limit the speed of my movement.

I never knew who could be watching, and I definitely didn’t want them to see me if they were.

I struggled to keep my two day vigil alive, to take the message from Lily.

But my eyes gradually closed.

I didn’t even notice in my weak slumber as someone sneaked up behind me and bashed my head in.

A flower of intense pain blossomed at the bottom of my skull, and I awoke to see a long, dark face sneering at me, before I fell unconcious.

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