Residing Dreams (Chapter 66)

When I went to school on Monday morning, I asked my friends if any of them were entering the poster contest. “Maybe, but mainly just to get some extra credit,” was a common response. “I might draw a scene of Jesus calling the fisherman who later became his Disciples to follow him. That’s an interesting part of the Bible,” January said. “Essie, you’re entering, right? Because you’re like, the most creative one of us here, so you could totally win!” one of them said. “Yeah!” they agreed. For once in a long time, I felt like I was truly loved by my friends. I still hadn’t really mentioned anything about the contest to my father. Somehow, I was afraid that he would make a big fuss about it and get all of his hopes up for nothing. After all, it was possible that I might not win. Also, I had a weird feeling that he would contact his friend with the really long name and convince him even more that it would be an honor to have such a remarkable guest at his house. I didn’t want him to brag about me anymore.

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