Residing Dreams (Chapter 68)

There was an instance when a bloodcurdling thought crossed my mind.

“Dad, I need you to at least tell me this.
I’m still your daughter, right?”

I asked.

“What do you mean?” he replied, confused.

“What I mean is, are you still legally my father?”

Then he knew what I was saying.

“Oh, that’s what you mean.
Essie, dear, Arthur isn’t going to adopt you.
I would never let that happen.

And besides, he hasn’t even met you, despite all of the great things he’s heard about you.

Even so, I could never really imagine him adopting a child.
This will just be temporary, understand?

You’re no person’s kid but mine, and you’re no one’s creation and child except for God’s.”

I could always tell when my father was certain of the truth,
or when he didn’t want me to know something.

He never lied, but he still didn’t tell me everything.

However, when he said this,
I knew he was at his most earnest and truthful.

So I was able to rest assured, at least for a while.

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