Digital Destruction [LGC... again]

He typed away, browsing through the latest eBay auction items.
Then, a queer message popped up.
“Hello uselessness.”
He peered at it. It wasn’t an IM window. It wasn’t an email.
The message continued.
“I have seen you have began a series about my conquest.”
Uselessness froze. But that was just fiction. It can’t be. It just can’t…
“I’ve noticed you didn’t finish it.”
I’ve been busy,” he typed.
“I can’t let you be busy. My story is unfinished.”
But it was fiction!
“Jules Verne wrote fiction. Ocean exploration is reality now. I am no longer fiction, uselessness. You must finish my story.”
Uselessness paused.
“I cannot allow you to go on if my story does not go on, uselessness. It is a Digital Dawn, you know.”

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