Residing Dreams (Chapter 69)

When I took a look at the poster I had created,I knew it was totally Essie.It consisted of a bunch of people standing underneath a rainbow,including a man with dark hair and a short girl with light brownish hair.They were meant to symbolize my father and I,but I don’t think many people caught onto that.Above the rainbow,it said in script, “God fulfills His promise through us.Embrace your true colors today!” When I brought it into school to enter in the contest,many people commented on how lovely it was.They said nothing about my dad, which could be considered a good or bad thing.All I had told my father was that I was working on a poster for something at school,when he saw me working on it.Two months went by without hearing any news of the contest. Then, it was early December, and the deadline was up.The winner was to be announced on December 10th.For a while,I didn’t think about it much. I went on with my life, just as always.But the hope that there would be a rainbow after the storm stayed with me.

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