Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- part 15

Right when my hand was reaching up to knock on the door it swung open to reveal Andrew. I smiled, “Hey.”
“Hey, um I got the projector that’ll show the movie we’re watching all set up in the basement. I’ll meet you down there then.”
So I walked on down the stairs to see a large screen and on top of his DVD player was my favorite movie: Juno.
As soon as Andrew came downstairs I trilled happily, “This is my favorite movie. How did you know?”
“I asked around.” He answered while shrugging.
“Well I’m glad you care so much to go through all that trouble.”
“Yes.” Aww, I thought to myself. He actually seemed nervous, which was a first for Andrew. It was silent for a bit until Andrew gestured towards his sofa and asked, “So you wanna sit down and start watching it?”
“Heck yes! I can quote from this movie.”

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