A Quick Visit to the Offices of a "Legitimate Businessman" and the Aftermath(adjective challenge)

The abnormal looks of the receptionist made me wary. The brawny span of his shoulders led to cynical speculation about his real duties. Thrown out bodily a few moments later, I was not in the least disillusioned about the true nature of his employment.
In a less than exuberant frame of mind, I picked my forlorn form up out of the gutter. Slightly giddy from exhaust fumes, I found a hypnotic rhythm in the sidewalk’s cracks during the deepening dusk on my walk home. The last few hours felt imaginary, as if they happened at a remove. The sensation of dreaming did nothing to make me any less jittery on the killer trek back to my lonely and messy demesne.
Negative speculation ran oppressive circles in my panicky restless thoughts. With a quiet desperation I made a rapid decision. Solid steel would settle me. The true test would be making the purchase.The unpleasant task of defense would be easy enough. I would be valiant ,wanton even if armed with iron. You can call me yellow, but I’m just zippier with a gun.

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