Secrete A Gent...or Something to that Effect(secret agent challenge)

“So you’re sure this invisibility field works?”

“Certainly,”the technician replied. “These field tests are merely a formality.”

“Yes, but is it necessary for me to be nude during this test,”the agent asks.

“Unfortunately,” the technician replies,” clothing would interfere with the field. It is absolutely necessary that the field stays in contact with your skin to maintain the invisible continuum.”

Agent Double or Nothing’s face falls a bit ,” I say, do I hear giggling?”

The technician’s earpiece is going nuts with the sounds of everyone in the Punk’d production booth laughing hysterically at the secret agent’s third nipple … among other things.

“Not at all ,sir,” the actor/technician recovers beautifully,” any noises you may hear will be associated with the machinery generating the field. Now please ,run the length of the building paying close attention to sunlit areas.”

As the unwitting spy gallops up the block in the nude,the agent hisses into his lapel mike,”Shut up,you guys,you’re blowing it!”

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