The Summons (I call the denouement!)

An odd, tingling sensation began to spread through Chris’ feet. He looked down. They were beginning to disappear!
“Crud,” he hissed to himself, & pulled out a smokescreen pellet.
“Gah! Chris! What are you doing?!” his companion asked, coughing through the smoke.
But when it cleared Chris was gone.
Somewhere in Colorado…
Sol-leks began to feel a throbbing in his temple, and a tingling in his fingers. He glanced feverishly at his hands.
“No!” he whispered, falling to his knees and appearing to slide through the pavement.
Sandra began to smirk. “Well, so long,” she cooed, trying to walk down the sidewalk.
“No way!” He grabbed her skirt. “You’d said we were together on this, and you’re coming with me!”
In a brilliant blue flash, the two disappeared into the sidewalk.

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