Wonderball Apocalypse

A brilliant flash filled the swirling blue air, followed by the smooth entrance of Chris. It was clear he had been through this before.
Sol-leks and Sandra came crashing in after. It was clear they had not.
“Chris!” cried Emily.
“Emily, what is going on?” he asked sharply, glancing from his younger sister, to Ed, to the pitiful pair still struggling to get up.
“I’ll explain later.” She collected herself. “I don’t need to stay here!” she bellowed to Ed, pointing an accusing finger. “In fact, you don’t even have to exist!”
“But… but…” Ed stuttered, “how did you figure it out?!”
“Concentration,” she answered simply. “Now, Chris I’m gonna need your help.” He nodded, knowing just what to do. They joined hands, eyes closed. He began muttering.
“Uh-oh,” Sandra squeaked.
“This can’t be good,” Sol-leks finished sadly.
“NOW!” Chris bellowed. A great rushing wind, smoke, and blue light filled the swirling world.
There was a scream.
There was darkness.
There was nothing.

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