The terrifying wind was just the beginning. She could hear the trees howling, their branches cracking and the leaves swaying angrily. Rain poured in great globs, drowning everything on the ground and blurring her vision.

Lightning struck; her eyes glinted and her ears snapped back, ready for the thunderous noise she knew would soon come.

She quickly scampered down the sidewalk, the plastic wrappers and soda cans littering the way. Her heart raced just as a four-wheel automobile raced by, sending rainwater splashing in her face and wetting her sleek fur. She whimpered, her claws drawing out as she found a small grove in the underbrush.

Her paws dug into the soft soil. Small droplets of water dipped her whiskers slightly before releasing the long, white tendrils and falling to the dirt.

She blinked, her eyes ablaze with fright and amazement. She could hear her heart beat; her tail twitched. There was an itch on her back. She growled, but otherwise ignored it; closed her eyes and slept.

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