Accursed Pain

I groggily opened my eyes. I could’ve sworn I was blind; all I could see was bright white.
I reached up to rub my eye. I could see it! I wasn’t blind! I tried to sit up, but fell back, trying not to cry out in pain. I moaned.
“He’s stirring.” Two doctors appeared at the end of the bed I was in.
Bed? It wasn’t mine; where was I?
It all came back to me: the roof, the blow, the pain, the sneering face.
“Seems stable.”
“Should we get the Premiere?”
“No need.” The doctors stood at attention. I craned my neck to see a tall, regal man, not too much older than myself or my sister.
My sister! Lily!
“Where’s Lily?” I blurted dimly. The three turned to me, surprised.
“Don’t worry,” the Premiere answered soothingly, “she’s safe with me. You’ll see her again, just as soon as she gives me information.”
“She won’t say nothin’!” I cried, nearly bolting upright, but falling back with a groan. A small smirk floated on his lips.
“Keep him alive. We may need him if she doesn’t crack.”
I didn’t like the sound of that.

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