This is Going to Hurt Me a Lot More Than it Hurts You...(sentence challenge)

I managed to keep a straight face when the twisted bastard spouted that ridiculous cliche’. Bent over his desk, in front of witnesses(to guarantee no impropriety,but really to satisfy the secret sadism of the assembled faculty)I stood there as a single, angry tear burned down my cheek. I would never forget this insult. I would never forgive this injury.

Most people never suspect the twisted inner workings of some men’s minds. Not every broken psycho ends up on a most wanted list. Some never commit an actual crime, managing to channel their dark needs into avenues perfectly acceptable to society. They often infest professions invested with innate power over the weak and anonymous, like prison guards, police, and the headmasters of small private institutes whose purported goal is to educate the more difficult children of the modestly wealthy.

Such was Mr. Green, the man who would eventually come to regret this paddling more than me. Oh yes, the entire little spanking society would regret this morsel of flesh.

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