Here's a Little Story Bout a Tweaker Like Me

Being the only real thug in the gay gang was difficult. Also being a straight girl surrounded by extra effeminate twink tweakers, was not easy. HILARIOUS ,but not easy. I was the one who had to go out on the sketchy deals, where there was likely to be actual hood rats, guns, or violent manly men. Did I have a gun? No. Did I care? Hell to the no… Was I extremely high on meth to the point where I twitched so thoroughly I appeared motionless? Hell to the yes…

The only person on the scene arguably tougher than me was a six foot five three hundred and fifty pound drag queen named Simone, who once played for the Oilers. Being that big gives you automatic gangster cred, even if you have hormone titties and are wearing a sarong and size fifteen heels. Still I was the acknowledged gangster of the crew.

As big as Simone was, her cd collection( Bette, Beyonce, Whitney) made her for a bitch. I on the other hand knew all the words to Gangster,Gangster and Drag ‘em from the River.

Who’s the thug now?

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