Party (Don't ruin my day)

Party (Don’t ruin my day)

Don’t ruin my day
It’s my time to shine
I won’t walk away
Now I draw the line
I know I’ll be okay
And I’ll be fine
Tomorrow is a new day
The opportunity’s mine

Verse 1:
Why ya hatin’?
Start celebratin’
The day is finally here
It’s time to go now
Let’s start the show now
There’s nothing more to fear!


Verse 2:
The music’s pumpin’
The crowd is jumpin’
C’mon and sing with the tune
Party all night long
Singin’ the same song
Dance with the stars and moon


Verse 3:
Party so hard that
You never wanna stop
We will not stop til we
Know we’ve reached the top!
(spoke)we know you wanna dance
so c’mon and shake your pants
The rhythm it aint slow
So just make it all your own
The beat will get you jumpin
And the bass it sure is bumpin
Bodies glistening with sweat
The opportunity is met

Chorus x2

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