Dark's Fantasy Challenge( A Promise, A Knight and a Dead Dragon)

The dragon breathed fire upon Sir Goodheart. Sir Goodheart lunged at the gigantic green fleshed dragon splicing open his thick skin, blood oozing out in quick spurts.

The dragon roared with pain.

Sir Goodheart was on the dragons back, as the dragon flew ever higher over the kingdom of Yor.

Below the King of Yor and the villagers were eager to see the knight slay the much feared dragon that menaced their kingdom for eons.

Sir Goodheart, hanging from the dragon by a thumb. Through the castle tower they crashed. The dragon breathing fire, the heat was intense upon the heroic knight, but he held on, his task not yet completed. He made them a promise to rid them of the terror.

Sir Goodheart, one last time plunged his sword into the heart of the beast and to the gound with lightning speed they both fell from the sky.

The King gasped in horror, the villagers feared that Sir Goodheart would be dead.

Sir Goodheart emerged from under the dead dragon, the crowd clapped, and he took a bow.

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