Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- part 16

It was going great. We were halfway through the movie, and he hadn’t tried anything. Tch, Caden’s such an idiot…Everybody’s an idiot…Except Andrew. I know He reallly loves me. I know it.

I wasn’t even watching the movie. I stared at Andrew the whole time, getting lost in his eyes…God, he’s amazing!

He put his hand on top of mine. He inched it up until it rested on my cheek. He started to pull me in.
I wanted this, but I was so nervous and my stomach started to knot. Oh well. This is it. He loves me.
We kissed for about five minutes. He pulled away, and started undoing his pants.
Oh shit. My body said no, but he said he loved me…I..I have to! He’s so irresistable!
He finished undressing himself, and then moved on to me. Oh yes. This was it.

Somehow, I ended up going home last night. Well, more like hobbled home. I mean, I was shocked, and so was my body.

I got home and walked through the back door, right in to the belly of the beast. Right into the furious faces of my parents.

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