Drug Like Properties

Janice sat, waiting for the answer that could either send her into an abyss of pain or give her a fleeting glimpse of hope.
“Well… I’ve kinda been talking to him…” Lucy said, guilt written across her face.
“Talking to him?” a rather confused Janice asked. The voice quieted down a bit to listen.
“Yeah. I really just started to see if he liked you and get some info. You know, a recon mission. But then…”
“Then what?” Janice asked in disbelief. No way. My best friend… How could she?
Don’t jump to any conclusions.
The voice commanded.
Well what other explanation is there?
Plenty of other ones.
You just can’t stand being wrong.
And you can’t stand being happy. Just shut up and listen to her already.
Look who’s talking…

“The more I got to know him, the more I understood why you were completely in love with him. At first I didn’t think it would affect me but… but he’s like a freakin drug. The more you have the more you want!” Lucy spilled out.
“I fell for him and I fell hard.”

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