Yelling Match

At that moment Janice’s world fell to pieces and the voice continued on its ranting. Janice couldn’t even keep the all-comsuming pain from her face. The tears spilled like small streams from her eyes.
“Oh no Janice. Listen to me. It’s not what you-”
“Shut up Lucy! I’ve heard enough already! I get it. You two are going to be happy and ride off into the sunset. Congratulations.” Janice yelled. Bitterness and hurt pouring from her being.
“No Janice that’s not it! Calm down and let me explain!”
By now the entire class was staring at them. Even Ms. Samuels had pulled herself from Ficlets to see what all the commotion was about.
“What is there to explain?! You love him, he loves you. I’m odd man out.”
“Damn it Janice. Listen. To. Me. He does NOT love me!”
Both Janice and the voice stopped, “But-”
“But nothing. I was trying to tell you, I fell for him… but he didn’t fall for me.”
“I don’t understand…”
“Its hard to fall for someone when you’ve already hit the bottom for someone else.”

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