Leave Me Hanging Much?

“What?” Janice had never known this level of confussion before.
“One day I finally worked up the courage to tell him how I felt about him and…”
There was complete silence in the room as EVERYONE waited for the answer, even the voice in Janice’s head. Lucy looked around. “Maybe this isn’t the best place for this. Can we finish later?”
Well its not like it COMPLETELY affects my life, you freakin lil ho- “Sure. Later’s fine,” Janice cut the voice off.
“Alright,” Lucy said as she returned to her desk trying to avoid the awkward stares.

For the rest of the period Janice thought about what Lucy had said and wondered what that last unsaid bit would do to further destroy her life. Or maybe it’s good… Janice hardly let herself hope for any good news at this point. Still there was a tiny sliver.

Soon enough the bell rang. Janice gathered her books and bag and started heading towards the next extremely painful encounter. Not like math’s painful enough already… of course I have to have it with HIM .

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