Police Investigate

With a policeman on each side of him, their flashlights probing the soft dusty earth, Bobby led them to where the license number was written in the dirt.

Bobby stopped and stared. Only two letters were legible, the rest was obliterated with a footprint. Only the letters AB were left. “Oh, man,” Bobby said.

Billy piped up, “I wrote it over there,” he pointed in the darkness. They all carefully moved across the narrow dirt road. This time they were lucky. The license number was ABX -6490. The taller of the two policemen wrote it down.

The other officer said, “Okay, boys, lets get you back in the car, then officer Linton and I will check out the building.”
The boy clambered into the backseat; their faces as close to the window as possible. Within seconds the officers blended into the darkness, only the faint light of their flashlights visible in the distance.

Eddie said, “You think there’s a murderer in there?”
“Maybe the murderer will kill the policemen,” his brother David said.

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