This was not a Dream

“I am so tired, so very, very tired. It seems I’ve been trudging through these canyons for days. The walls are steep and stratified with various colors. I need to rest, but should I sleep I may never awake.”

“I am hungry and thirsty, but food and drink are beyond my reach. I hear the rumbling again, the metalic, squeeking, rumbling. I close my eyes and cover my ears until it passes.”

“Do I smell food, or is it my imagination?”

“I have to rest. I sit down, and lean against the canyon wall. I can’t help myself. I lie down in a fetal position.”

“Sir, Sir,?” comes a voice from a great distance. “Sir, are you okay?”

“Why are they bothering me?” I wonder.

“Sir, would you like me to call 911?”

“Shake my head.”

“Sir, let me help you up.” said the voice, now up close. “Sir, you’ll have to leave now. You just can’t sleep on the grocery store floor, it scares the customers.”

“This was not a dream, doctor. It happened.”

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