Little snipet of life.

One day there was a little girl by the name of Isabel. She had come from a broken home and learned nothing but what could go wrong in life. Her mother would teach her the basics about being the woman in the family by instilling in her how to clean and raise a family. Unfortunately, Isabel learned all this the wrong way. Her mother, Samantha, became an alcoholic and Isabel was forced to take on her mother’s responsibilities in the household. Isabel had no social life with friends and was not allowed to date or even talk to a boy. All of this was because of this man who she had thought had taken over all she had known. What she didn’t know was that soon enough that family would become just as broken as the one before. Isabel had feared that, because this is all she knew, she would also grow up to have her own family broken as well. Luckily, as time and many obstacles later, Isabel had found one person who had shown her the beauty in life by the name of Talon. It was then that life fell into place for her.

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